Wednesday, 28 April 2010

LIARS! over cuts and false promises

As the BBC have pointed out the three main parties have been not been telling the truth about the real levels of cuts they will need to undertake in public expenditure and have been making promises in protecting services that they have no intention to protect. New Labour are planing to make £47bn, the Lib Dems £51bn and the Tories £57 worth of cuts.

This will mean in Rugby - St Cross closing, Fire Stations closed, Youth Clubs closed, Pensioners left to fend for themselves, Schools closing with mass unemployment stalking the streets of Rugby again - Voting Green means saving jobs and services by taxing the rich, stopping tax evasion, Getting rid of PFI, limiting the wages of Chief executives of councils and public bodies, a Robin Hood tax on Bankers and Banks, stopping ID cards - their is wasteful public expenditure and only the Greens are prepared to action without threatening our public services and jobs.

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