Saturday, 8 May 2010

Local Election results in Rugby - General Elections Polarisation cuts across Green Support

Local greens suffered from the polarisation between Labour and Tories.

Never the less a good result in Earl Craven - with Ellie Roderick gaining 14.5% and Brownsover South where our first outing for the Green in this seat resulted in a vote of 7%. With a record 10 candidates in Rugby and new members joining we hope to contest all the seats in Rugby next year.

The results are as follows:

STOKES, Michael (Con) 1,745
BIRKETT, Steven (Lab) 1,095
HRADGREAVE, Tom (Lib) 795
LAFF, Steve (Green) 117
Conservatives retain the seat

Avon and Swift
WALTON, Helen (Con) 1,049
JOYCE, Patrick (Lab) 490
Conservatives retain the seat

PACEY-DAY, Chris (Con) 727
PALLOT, Ted (Lib) 797
SANDISON, Paul (Green) 225
SHERA, James (Lab) 983
Labour regain the seat

FAULKNER, Joy (Green) 91
FLETCHER, Hilda (Lib) 745
MAVRAKIS, Christine (Lab) 760
PARKER, Lisa (Con) 1,577
Conservatives regain the seat

Brownsover North
CRANHAM, David (Con) 1,423
THOMAS, Heidi (Lib) 848
WEBB, Mary (Lab) 810
Conservatives regain the seat

Brownsover South
COLES, Andrew (Lab) 648
FAULKNER, Matthew (Green) 91
GARCIA, Belinda (Con) 602
UPSTONE, Jess (Lib) 329
Labour retain the seat

BROJOMOHUN, Deepah (Con) 898
GODDEN, Philip (Green) 111
KING, Katherine (Lab) 604
LEWIS, Bill (Lib) 1,267
Liberal Democrats retain the seat

Dunchurch and Knightlow
AIRD, Robin (Lib) 1,557
COX, Doreen (Lab) 352
GALSWORTHY, Mike (Con) 1,798
HOUGUEZ, George (Green) 64
Conservatives gain the seat

Earl Craven and Wolston
DAY, Tom (Con) 1,907
HODKINSON, Doug (Lab) 1,184
RODERICK, Ellie (Green) 327
Conservatives retain the seat

ROODHOUSE, Jerry (Lib) 1,818
NEWSOME, Paul (Con) 861
RICHARDS, Owen (Lab) 706
Liberal Democrats retain the seat

BEVIN, Robert (Lab) 452
GUNSTONE, Richard (Lib) 548
WATTS, Rachel (Con) 1,242
Conservative retain the seat

SEWELL, Bill (Con) 1,516
ELSON, Dave (Lib) 769
BROWN, Kieren (Lab) 734
Conservatives retain the seat

Lawford and Kings Newnham
BRAGG, Sally (Con) 966
WYATT, Patricia (Ind) 540
SLINGER, John (Lab) 413
Conservatives retain the seat

New Bilton
MISTRY, Ish (Lab) 1,308
PALUSINSKI, Edward (Con) 942
HARDGRAVE, Dianna (Lib) 697
SANDISON, Roy (Green) 200
Labour retain the seat

KIRBY, Ray (Lab) 1,194
MALTHOUSE, Christopher (Con) 849
HOTTEN, James (Lib) 577
REYNOLDS, Peter (Green) 136
Labour retain the seat

FRANCIS, Matthew (Con) 1,258
AVIS, Howard (Lab) 875
O'DWYER Beatrice (Lib) 541
GOODCHILD, Laurence (Green) 152
Conservatives retain the seat

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