Monday, 1 November 2010


Rugby Green Party members as part of Rugby Against the Cuts were on streets of Rugby this weekend leafleting and petitioning against the cuts.

Rugby will get hit hard with massive cuts planned in public and council services including social care, health, education, youth, the fire services and the Police.

In the main the day went well with a number of people signing up for the campaign and we had a good turn out by members of the campaign.

One sour note was the aggressive attitude of the one of the employees of the organisation that is supposed to assist people visiting the town centre, who are employed by a joint venture between the Borough Council and local shops called Rugby First/Rugby Bid.

It is a shame that this one individual employee felt the need to say rudely ‘”NOT IN RUGBY” in respect of us politely saying we had the right to leaflet. And also refused to take a copy of the letter entitled “TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN” for her information.

Saying our leaflets on the table were “litter” only to be seen (by a number of people and no doubt the CVTV Camera’s in the area) 10 minutes later screwing up a leaflet handed to her further up the street by a member of the campaign was hardly called for either.

The extract below clearly allows campaigners to campaign. Also the area round the Clock Tower in the centre of Rugby has always been a public open space for people to meet and chat about what is going on in town, since it was built in 1887.

Their is some good work under taken by Rugby First/Rugby Bid staff and surely it is more important that they concentrate on limiting crime like shop lifting or hand bag snatches in our town centre then treating good Rugby people with such disregard. We are pleased to see sense was allowed to prevail and we were left alone to get on with informing our community about the cuts

We trust this situation will not arise again.


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