Monday, 2 May 2011

OUR TOP TEN priorities for a green AND Sustainable RUGBY

  1. 1. Putting Rugby First! - The Green Party has been transforming politics in towns and cities across the UK. Green Councillors have saved post offices, made streets safer, and are well known for working hard for local communities because they believe in putting the community first!

2. No cuts to Jobs and servicesA real threat hangs over Rugby, losing core services and facing mass unemployment to pay for the Bankers Gambling Debts! Instead the Greens say; tackle the £120bn of tax evasion every year, Tax the Bankers bonuses, Scrap the money pit that is PFI and end the £100m a year of ‘charity status’ in tax relief to elitist Public Schools like Rugby School. Why should we be expected to pick up the tab instead of the very wealthy?

3. No to backdoor sell off and privatisation of our hospital services, care homes, youth, libraries and community buildings and servicesThe Tories and Lib Dems are using their cuts to pursue right wing ideological policies and we in Rugby should say NO!

4. Fight Post Office closures We would seek to reopen closed Post Offices as Community hubs.

5. Its time for Sustainable, Green and Efficient Rugby £millions a year could be saved by the local council and local people and also provide and save jobs in Rugby. BY;

ü Sustainable purchasing from local groups of companies - instead of big business.

ü Green and efficient generation of energy needs - by installing renewable energy technology on council buildings and similarly helping local communities to produce their own cheap and sustainable energy.

ü Cutting fuels bills by providing free Insulation for many homes in Rugby It’s been done by other local authorities through Green Party pressure by making the utility companies pay.

THis is working in other places,

so why not in our TOWN

6. No to Incinerationit damages both health and the environment.

7. Rail not Road – The Green Party wants renationalisation of the railways instead of the travel chaos that exists now! – Its also a cleaner way to move goods with 1 train = 125 lorries in levels of carbon omissions.

8. Oppose bus route closures and instead promote ‘clean’ buses as part of an integrated travel provision with trains - A flat fare of £1 in the Rugby Borough – keep free transport for Pensioners, the disabled and introduce for under 16’s.

9. Stop the plan to build at the Radio Masts Site its ill conceive, a bog standard building plan and unsustainable!

10. No to Tory Craig Humphries unelected paid Chief Executive/Mayoral role and instead we demand open and transparent governance at the town hall – Green Councillors would bring a breath of fresh air to the cosy and sterile world of politics in Rugby.



*Please note all our candidates have been endorsed by the Rugby Against the Cuts campaign as ANTI CUTS CANDIDATES to support at the Rugby Borough Council Elections

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