Thursday, 11 August 2011

Letter & Press Release sent to local papers on riots and looting from the Green Party


Dear Sir

If any of our politicians (Tory & Lib Dem and also Labour for that matter) had given just 1 minute thought to the warnings emanating from the police, youth and community workers about the tinderbox of youth disengagement that their policies were adding too, then they may have thought out a different strategy to that of making the baulk of ordinary people in this country (not least the over 1 million young people on the dole) forced to pay for the gambling debts of the very richest in society.

Taking away a young persons ability to have a stake in society by stopping the ability to go to college or get a decent job at the same time as slashing the Police, Youth Service, educational provision and also the drug services is only going to end up with the scenes we have seen over the last few days.

Is it any wonder that in a Consumerist society that have allowed the rich and powerful to fiddle their expenses, taxes and at the same time push up prices of food and utilities without a whimper from those who like to profess ‘we are all in it together!’ (A falsehood if their have ever been one) that we end up with self interested looting by some?

Something has got to change in our society, so that instead of wide boy practices of ripping off each other and caring little of the consequences, we get a society which is run in a sustainable manner for all its citizens.

The cuts need to be reversed now! (especially to the Police and Youth Services), the Bankers and super rich must pay their dues and also we need to have a proper honest debate (and action) about how we can ensure that our communities do not have to go through this turmoil again.


Roy Sandison – Spokesperson Rugby Green Party

This link shows the contempt by the CONDEM Government for the warnings last year of the Police about make cuts -

* Shop Photograph: David Jones/PA

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