Monday, 6 February 2012

Greens slams Councillors over £36,000 extra expenses

Rugby Green Party have slammed the extra £36,000 that Councillors have awarded themselves on Warwickshire County Council.
28 Councilors will divvy up the Council Tax Payers cash for acting as political party 'spokespersons' on the 62 strong council.
Councilors also receive a personal allowance of £8.975 + Travel expenses (some of them like to travel 1st class at times) and also a tasty £22,500 for something called a 'Special Responsibility Allowance.
Further more we also have TWO JOB COUNCILLORS - with a good many County Councillors also being Councillors in their respective Boroughs and its also not unusual to see that their spouse is also a Councillor.
And people thought the House of Commons was bad!

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