Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Rugby Green Party challenge Mark Pawsey MP over Trade Union Rights!

Dear Mark Pawsey

We note you intend to vote for even more attacks on the rights of UK workers with the Trade Union Bill before Parliament and we would ask you reconsider.
As you will be aware their has been their has been relentless attack on workers’ rights and organised labour in the UK for almost four decades which has undermined workers’ legal protections and introduced a series of anti-trade union laws in the UK by consecutive governments making our laws the most severe in the EU.

Rugby Green Party believes such attacks on trade union rights must be challenged as attacks on fundamental human rights.
The Trade Union Bill before parliaments  is a direct attack on workers’ rights including the right to organise; the freedom of association; the right to function freely; the right to peaceful protest; the right to strike and the rights on freedom of expression.
One of the proposes is on voting thresholds which will require 50% of workers in a workplace to vote for strike action before it is legitimate. Abstentions, that is those that do not vote either way in the ballot, will be treated as ‘No’ votes.
We note that yourself FAILED to meet this threshold in the recent election in the Rugby Constituency and would ask you not to be hypocritical in voting for such a proposes.
If YOU do we in Rugby Green Party would ask you to immediately resign your seat so that a by election can be called to enable you to meet your own criteria.

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