Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Cuts and Job Creation for a Tory at Rugby Borough Council - Letter From Rugby Green Party

Their is raising anger over the job creation at Rugby Borough Council for Tory Councillor Craig Humphrey - who has been appointed the new Chief Executive of the Council behind closed doors and no information of the wage he will be paid.

Rugby Green Party has entered this discussion and also showed where the CON DEM cuts are taking place in Rugby in a letter published last week in both the Rugby Advertiser (above) and Rugby Observer. We also called for support for the Fire Fighters Union (FBU) planned action against the closure of local fire stations.

Full Letter below:

Dear Sir

There seems to be plenty of slight of hand and double speak taking place at the moment in regards to cuts to essential service in Rugby.

As Steve Roberts from the FBU has illustrated, the Tory closure of the Brinklow station will lead to deaths and the reason why people should support the proposed action and campaign by the Fire Bridges Union is the indiscriminate chance that you, your family or friends could lose their lives resulting from the Tory Councillors voting to close the fire station at Brinklow.

The classic tactic of the Tory Councillors who ‘represent’ the Brinklow area to abstain or find a spurious reason not to vote, at the same time knowing that their mates in the Tory party will do the dirty business can only be described as despicable.

The workers in the Fire Bridges Union should be supported in their campaign/action to defend our fire service.

The cuts of the CON DEM government will bite deeply into public services in Rugby if they are allowed to get away with it.

The most vulnerable in our town are under attack, we have already seen our elderly people with dementia and depression being sent into exile to Nuneaton with the closure of the Hawthorn Ward at St Cross. Abbotsbury Care Home in Hillmorton is threaten with closure and the costs of essential services to allow people to remain safely in their homes are planned to be increased massively – this at the same time as the Tory Councillors say they are closing the home because people can now ‘safely’ live at home – a cruel example of double speak from Tory Councillors.

The threat to close St Cross A&E is also being suggested as some sort of improvement in services – can you believe these CON DEM jokers? – The same goes for cuts to local schools – now given ‘freedom’ apparently.

The Police have announced cuts to Officers on the beat in Rugby and even our local magistrate’s court is being closed.

But fear not the people of Rugby – the local Tory leader has now been appointed as Chief Executive of Rugby Council behind closed doors and with no information on the salary he will be given.

A fraction of the people of Bilton ward may have succumb to Craig’s charms and knowledge of the game of rugger at the elections in 2008, but the rest of us perhaps would liked to express our own opinion on Craig Humphrey’s suitability for his new job. If Craig wants to be the paid mayor of Rugby he really should go through the motions of an election – self appointment shows a degree of contempt for local people.

While the local Tories seem able to create a job for one of their number, the rest of us are paying for the actions of the Bankers who gambled and expected us to pick their losses.

The Banks have just announced massive profits along with the usual bonuses. So while its party time as usual for these people the most vulnerable in Rugby will face cuts. This is why ordinary people need to fights cuts to our public services and not be side tracked by the supporters of the CON DEM government crocodile tears.


Roy Sandison

Rugby Green Party

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