Monday, 2 August 2010

Rugby Tory declares himself King........... or Mayor?

Dispensing with even a vote of his fellow councillors let alone a vote of the people of Rugby, Tory leader Councillor Craig Humphrey (pic) has declared himself has Chief Executive of Rugby Borough Council without even declaring how much he will be earning from the Council – Our money by the way!

Craig Humphrey got the idea after little chat with former Thatcher Golden boy Eric Pickles who is the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government in the CON DEM Government.

Speaking to the Rugby Advertiser King/Mayor or what ever his title is Craig said "I had a chat with Eric Pickles at the LGA conference and he was quite straight forward with what he thinks should be done.

"He's not interested in our management structure and neither are the electorate – and why should they be?

So there we have it – the supposedly non party political post of Chief Executive who has been trained to ensure political neutrality and the proper conduct of Councillors and council staff (480 staff) and quality service provision has now been replace by Craig Humphrey elected by a fraction of the Bilton electorate in 2008, whose main abilities apparently is playing rugger.

Whilst we agree that a Chief Executive pay should be paid within strict limits – what we do not agree with is when a politician decides to become effectively a paid mayor (but more powerful) of our town without allowing local people to have a say over the desirability of this.


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