Monday, 28 March 2011

Lib Dems to face wipe out in Rugby elections in May?

YouGov/Plymouth University Poll says;
Lib Dems set to lose 11 out of their 25 councils
& 700 of their 1,850 councillors on May 5th

With today's (28th March 2011) Poll showing the price of shoring up the Tories in Government, local Lib Dems Councillors in Rugby may be wondering what will be their fate come the 5th May local elections.

With the Lib Dems likely to lose 3 seats in Rugby in Dunchurch & Knightlow, Paddox and Caldecott and even their current large majority seat in Eastlands not safe.

Many Lib Dems may be questioning their continue membership of what has been seen by some as a progressive party especially as Nick Clegg is trying to rebrand the party including changing its name
*Picture above - Jerry Roodhouse - Leader of Rugby Lib Dems preparing to be wiped out at the ballot box in May?

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