Wednesday, 9 March 2011


Despite having PR and 'Fair Votes' has a central plank of the their policy for over 40 years, Clegg and Co were so desperate to get into Government that they were willing accept a few crumbs from the Tories in respect of electoral reform and this is a referendum on AV.

The Green Party supports a fairer voting system then that currently on offer by the Lib Dem fudge but will still be campaigning for a YES VOTE in the forthcoming Referendum on the 5th May.

The Green Party Deputy Leader Adrian Ramsey explains why the Green Party will campaign for a YES VOTE:

“We want everyone who favours electoral reform to put their full weight behind the Yes campaign”

“A Yes vote would bring a step in the right direction and demonstrate an appetite for change. Greens and others who want a fair, inclusive proportional way of voting will then continue to campaign for further reform.”

“If you vote No in this referendum, nobody would know whether you were rejecting AV because you wanted genuine reform, or were simply opposing any reform. We think the only logical vote for reformers is to vote Yes to AV, because everyone who does so is clearly showing that they're unhappy with the current system”.

"AV is not perfect but it has a clear advantage over first-past-the-post: it undermines arguments for tactical voting because under AV voters can give their first preference to their preferred candidate or party, safe in the knowledge that their second preference will count just as strongly if their first preference is unsuccessful. Votes cast will therefore be a much better reflection of people's views.”

"We mustn't let the government divide us over this and win. We must get everyone who wants electoral reform onto the same side, to demonstrate the public appetite for change, to win this particular battle and then move the campaign forward from that initial victory.

"This will help build support for further reforms such as a fair voting system for local elections, and will keep pressure on the government to implement its pledge to replace the house of lords with a second chamber elected under proportional representation."

The Green Party remains committed to the Additional Member System (AMS), which authorities agree would deliver a result closer to true proportionality as well as retaining constituency.

The BBC has an excellent guide to the policies of all the parties on AV at

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