Friday, 8 April 2011


The excellent UK Polling site - gives us some indications of the political leanings of Liberal Democrat and Labour voters if they not able to vote Liberal Democrat or Labour.

Apparently at the moment 30% of Labour voters would now give second preferences to the Greens, 19% wouldn’t give one at all, 18% would give it to UKIP and only 16% to the Lib Dems’.


‘Turning to the Liberal Democrats, their second preferences now split fairly evenly, but with the Conservatives just ahead: 31% to the Conservatives, 24% to the Greens and 24% to Labour.

While these are positive results for the Green Party, they do not show how many people now see themselves as being Tory, Lib Dem or Labour voters – but we do know that compared to the last General Election that the Tories had (36.9%) Lab (29.7%) Lib Dem (23.6%) and that now the Tories have lost 1.9% (35%), Labour have gained 12.3% (42%) and Lib Dems down 13.6% (10%).according to the opinion polls.

The Rugby Borough Council Elections Impact?

This makes interesting reading for us Greens in Rugby, where due to the inability of both the Lib Dems or New Labour to find enough candidate for various reasons, we are faced with either Lib Dem or Labour voters not being able to vote for their normal party of choice and in one seat (Ryton) both parties could not get their act together to fight the Tories.

All this makes the forthcoming local elections very interesting and not a little concerning for the Tories!

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