Friday, 8 April 2011

Lib Dems struggle for council candidates

The Guardian are reporting the decline of Lib Dem council candidates in the upcoming local elections on May 5th.

It's a good excuse for another bar chart so I've bashed the data into my computer:

Labour are predictably doing well out of being the main official opposition to the coalition government but the Green Party have also seen a healthy increase in the number of council candidates on 2007.

What is most shocking about the data is the fall of Lib Dem candidates. Where have they all gone? As Polly Curtis reports:

"A lot of focus on election night will be on Sheffield, which is Lib Dem-controlled and includes Nick Clegg's Hallam constituency. Newcastle city council, like Sheffield a Lib Dem northern outpost, is also vulnerable to a Labour resurgence."

Lets hope it's not all predictable with some Green wins too!

From Jo Simmonds

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