Friday, 16 November 2012

Greens come 3rd in New Bilton By-Election - a positive result

Despite a massive effort by all the main parties in the By-Election, and the first time standing of UKIP in the ward tonight and also a targeting of the Green Vote by the TUSC that saw them conduct mass canvassing, stalls and putting out at least 3 leaflets the support on a very low poll for the Roy Sandison and Green Party held up very well.
Full Result
Lab 496
Ind 56
Lib Dem 41

Roy Says "People in New Bilton are very angry about the Police vote and decided to stay at home in protest and also have never seen so much attention by local politicians, promising so much, its just a shame we don't see them do it out side an election campaign. As for TUSC why on the earth did they target the anti cuts Green Party is beyond me! Roy would like to thank all his helpers and local people for thier support.

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