Saturday, 10 November 2012

Greens says – Our community and Police Officers have no one to vote for in flawed Police Commissioners Vote! Greens says put "None of the above – No to Police Cuts!’ on your ballot paper!

“A recession + cutting Police Officers + cutting anti Drug Crime services + record crime figures + turning street lights out is a recipe for disaster - but we have no one standing in this election in Warwickshire who is prepared to join the dots up for something that is apparent to all of us who have real concerns about crime”  Says Rugby Green Party

Roy Sandison spokeperson says  “The Green Party opposed the creation of the Police Commissioner position, arguing that there are dangers associated with a single politician being given so much power over the police and that all local public services should be accountable to the people through the local council and elected Councillors"

The Green Party is particularly concerned about protecting community policing teams and the need for the police to engage with local residents and councillors about community safety issues. We are also asking candidates how they would work with other agencies to prevent crime and promote the rehabilitation of offenders.

The undemocratic setting of £5000 (its only £500 to stand to be an MP) to even stand as a candidate in this elections is an absolute disgrace and designed to favour the established gray parties – which is why local people in Warwickshire only have a motley crew of a Tory, an Independent Tory and a New Labour Candidate – all 3 candidates,  who are in favour of cutting Police officers and Police services for the local community – what a choice!

Now the position is being established, the Green Party would have liked to see 'progressive independents' standing in the election on 15th November – but unfortunately the ‘Independent’ Candidate in Warwickshire is also in favour of making cuts to the Police and therefore will not get our support.

Roy Sandison says "Rugby Green Party is suggesting to local people to attempt to make their voice heard in this election by writing on the ballot paper ‘None of the above – No to Police Cuts!’"

This Facebook site suggests another way to make your voice heard -

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