Monday, 13 September 2010

WinkBall's "citizen reporters" in and around the Green Party conference put 633 minute-messages online

*Rugby Green Party delegates also give their views

"What three key issues do you think the government should be focusing on?"

The video messaging website WinkBall visited the Green Party conference this weekend, interviewing over 600 party members and members of the public (1).

The Winkball site aims to enable easy communication through online video. It has been used for purposes as varied as one-minute video election messages from politicians to sending goodwill messages to service personnel serving abroad.

At the conference, Winkball reporters asked leading Green politicians, delegates and members of the public: "What three key issues do you think the government should be focusing on?" and asked Greens how their party would address them.

Party leader Caroline Lucas MP outlined the Greens' objection to the government's "draconian cuts program", labelling them "not only socially devastating but also economically illiterate".

Caroline called for investment in green jobs, for example those surrounding renewable energies and energy efficiency, in order to combat the deficit. She described this as "one of the fastest job-creating schemes you can imagine".

Caroline also underlined the need for serious action on climate change, emphasising that the economic and ecological crises could be confronted together through a big government investment programme creating many hundreds of thousands of jobs.



1. WinkBall's Green Party wall can be viewed at Note that a large proportion of the 633 people interviewed are members of the public and not Green Party delegates, and the views they express may not reflect Green Party policy.


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