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Coventry Protest joined by people from Rugby

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“The cuts outlined today in the Public Spending Review will cause misery for millions of people, especially the poor,” Rugby Against the Cuts Convenor Pete McLaren stated immediately after the Chancellor’s announcement. “Governments throughout the world are trying to make the poor pay for the global economic crisis – yet the crisis was caused by these Governments and international banks worldwide. Those who caused it should be made to pay for it.”

“We know that these cuts will mean the loss of half a million public sector jobs, and at least the same number in the private sector because of the knock on effect. Many of these will be redundancies. That means one million families will be affected, and, with posts not being filled, far fewer jobs available for the growing number of unemployed. At the same time, the Spending Review includes a savage attack on welfare benefits for those unable to find work, including cuts in housing benefit and limits to incapacity benefits. However, nothing is being done to recover the estimated £120 billion per year of unpaid tax that the wealthy avoid paying through tax invasion. It took over 50 years to establish the Welfare State – the Tories and their Liberal allies will destroy it overnight, with little, if any, meaningful opposition from Labour,” he concluded.

Roy Sandison, one of the group’s Trade Union Liaison officers was concerned that the cuts would still hit schools, social services, public transport, the fire service and housing – whatever the Tories may try to pretend. “You can not cut funding to local Councils by 28% without that happening,” he claimed. “Those who need these services will be denied them, and those who work tirelessly to provide these services will face redundancy, reduced wages and pensions, and greater workloads.”

“The message we want to get over is that there are other ways to remove the debt,” he continued. “Cuts are not inevitable. The banks could repay the £850 billion the Government has given them to bail them out. A 5% wealth tax on the richest 10% would, on its own, resolve the debt. Withdrawing from Afghanistan would save £billions. The banks and building societies, which continue to make massive profits, could be nationalised and run by the people for the people, with profits used to maintain and improve our public services. There are alternatives to these draconian cuts,” he concluded, “and we will continue to put them forward until politicians listen.”

  • Rugby Against the Cuts was set up by local trade unionists and political activists on September 22nd. Officers were elected as above
  • Rugby Against the Cuts is lobbying local MP Mark Pawsey this Friday to put their anti cuts arguments forward
  • Rugby Against the Cuts can be contacted on 07881 520626,, or through our web site at
London Protest 20 Oct 10

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