Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Trade Union Rights Are Human Rights!

The Green Party believes that working people and their Trade Unions have suffered from some of the most draconian and unfair laws in Europe - workplace democracy is a fundamental human right!

The Green Party has consistently opposed the anti Trade Union laws brought in by Thatcher and will seek their repeal at the earliest opportunity. The Green Party Trades Union Group is affiliated to the Campaign for the Repeal of the Anti-Trade Union laws.

The United Campaign believes the anti-trade union laws introduced by the Conservatives between 1979-1995 must be challenged and replaced with a framework of positive rights.

The United Campaign to Repeal the Anti-Trade Union Laws was founded on the 28th March 1998 at a Conference of 700 trade unionists, from General Secretaries to shop stewards.

It was established to be a united non-sectarian trade union based campaign, set up to challenge the anti-trade union laws.

Currently we have 25 National Unions affiliated to the Campaign and hundreds of trade union branches and regional bodies as well as many individual supporters.

Join them and support the campaign for trade union freedom!

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