Friday, 9 September 2011

Greens to join TUC Demo at Lib Dems Conference in Birmingham on Sunday 18th September - Assemble at 11am Granville Street

The aspiration of the Green Party is to replace the awful Liberal Democrats as the third party in England and this demonstration gives us the chance not only to demonstrate against the cuts imposed by Clegg and the Liberal Democrats in the coalition but also to expose the sell out of the Liberal Democrats over green issues such as climate change, nuclear power, burning tyres and industrial waste instead of recycling, green jobs and the green belt.

The Trade Union movement and ordinary people want an alternative to what is currently on offer and we have an opportunity at the demonstration to offer an alternative green vision to unrestrained capitalism

Green Party members have been working hard to build this protest so please come to Birmingham on Sunday 18 September and bring your green banners and placards and lets be a sizable group on this protest. We aim to have a Green Party speaker at the demonstration or the rally afterwards at 3.30pm

The march will be followed by a Right to Work Rally

Unite the Fights – Build the Resistance

Sun 18 September, 3.30pm

CWU Office, 47 Summer Lane, Birmingham B19 3TH

(5 minutes from the end of the march at Lionel Street)

Speakers include:

Mark Serwotka PCS General Secretary

John McDonnell Labour MP Hayes & Harlington

Billy Hayes CWU General Secretary

Estelle Cooch Right To Work

Linda Burnip Disabled People Against Cuts

Maxie Hayles Black Activists Rising Against Cuts

Chair: Lee Barron CWU Midlands Regional Secretary

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