Thursday, 22 September 2011

Still waiting for a response from local Lib Dem loyalists

Letter printed in Rugby Advertiser 15th Sept 2011

It’s not so long ago that local Lib Dem Councillors and their national party would have been proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with people fighting to defend the NHS, including opposing ward closures and any ideological attempt to privatise the NHS - which will be a very serious threat to small hospitals like St Cross.

Liberal Democrats would have also opposed, going to war, Incineration - instead of recycling ‘waste’ and tyres, nuclear power, weakening of community planning rights to defend the green belt and would have demanded action to create green jobs for the future and action on climate change.

Its doubtful, if they would have gone along with plans or even proposed scraping (as they do) subsided coach travel for the elderly or disabled and would have flinched at anything that may result in 80,000 families losing their homes because of housing benefit cuts.

Safeguarding the community through proper policing levels would have been something the Lib Dems would have been standing up for, and saying no to cuts to the youth services would have been a top priority.

They would have been calling for action in tacking inequalities in wealth, including curbing tax evasion and they would have been critical of the obscene Banker’s bonuses and would have opposed any idea of a tax cut for the top 1% in this country.

But then again this is before Nick Clegg got the trappings of power.

The actions being taken by Clegg & Co are clearly more ideological in context then any attempt to deal with the budget deficit – just look at the list above.

So what needs to be done?

Rugby Green Party members will be protesting at the TUC march, along with thousands of people at the Lib Dem Conference in Birmingham this Sunday (18th September) and we would ask those Liberal Democrat Councillors and members (and anyone else) who really care about social, economic and environmental justice to join us.


Roy Sandison - Rugby Green Party Spokesperson.

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