Wednesday, 28 September 2011

European Conference Against Austerity & Privatisation

Three years ago the world economy stood on a precipice. Collapse was only averted by a vast bank rescue package. In Europe the sum ran to trillions of pounds. This proved to be no answer to the crisis but poured yet more wealth into the pockets of the rich and led to the sovereign debt crisis. Governments throughout Europe and beyond now propose a single solution – draconian austerity measures that threaten the livelihoods of millions of ordinary people. And indeed millions oppose this policy, which will not bring economic recovery but recession. To address this crisis on a basis that meets the real needs of the peoples of Europe, we will be meeting in London on 1 October at the Europe Against Austerity conference to discuss an alternative economic and political strategy.
Jeremy Corbyn MP Lab, Islington North,
Len McCluskey Unite,
Pierre Laurent Party of the European Left,
Sevim Dagdelen Die Linke,
Annick Coupe Solidaires,
Prof Walter Baier Austria,
Elisabeth Gauthier Transform Europe,
Felipe Van Keirsbilck European Joint Social Conference,
Hugo Braun Attac,
Piero Bernocchi Cobas,
Prof Costas Lapavitsas Soas,
Andrew Burgin Coalition of Resistance

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