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*Picture of another recent incident in New Bilton.


Letter published in Rugby Advertiser 11th March 2010

Further to the recent article entitled ‘Living in fear on housing estate’ about the Pavilions estate off Bilton Road. – The situation unfortunately does not surprise me.

The residents on this estate (which is part of the New Bilton Ward) have been dumped on from a great height by the Developers – Wimpey, the Council Planners and also the local Councillors.

Before the estate was built – I made representation and spoke at meeting raising concerns about the lack of holistic planning and sustainability, when these new developments were given the go ahead – a new community can not just be plonked somewhere without recognising that the infrastructure structure needed to sustain the community is put into place.

Special attention must be given to quality of build and the mix of housing on the estate – this is why I spoke to, on a number of occasions my local Councillors to ask them to ensure that 106 money from the developers was asked for, to promote facilities and sustainability on the new development – recognising it proximity to a existing housing estate.

As usual with our local Councillors – it was like speaking to a brick wall – not unlike their response to the need to build a proper pelican crossing on Lawford Road – which took 6 years to be built – even with the money set aside.

We have seen poor plans in developing new housing in Rugby with little recognition that throwing up estates with no reference to existing social problems just leaves those who have moved into their new homes left to cope with intolerable circumstances.

The Rugby Borough Council needs to take action to force the developer to carry out outstanding work and deal with concerns on the Pavilions estate. Less handwringing needs to take place by the Police and local Councillors etc and instead they need to work out why some young people in proximity to the estate are behaving as they are and seek ways in association with the Youth Service to divert them from these destructive and anti social activities.

Finally Labour, Tories and Lib Dems need to recognises that their support for early release for offenders back into the community for ‘minor offences’ – which can even be for assault and burglary is disgraceful and unfair to victims of crime. Turfing offenders back into the community with inadequate measures in place means that communities like the Pavilions will have to deal with these so called ‘minor offences’ over and again.


Roy Sandison

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