Sunday, 14 March 2010

SAVE ST CROSS - GET RID OF PFI! - Tory Candidate answer?

Writing in a letter to the Rugby Observer this week - Mark Pawsey Tory candidate for Rugby says the following below, but strangely does not deal with PFI in his 'answer' (despite their whole hearted support for it) or the fact the Tories introduced 'tick boxes' into the NHS,.

Committed to the NHS
Roy Sandison asks about the commitment by the Conservatives to the NHS.

I don't believe Andrew Lansley, Shadow Health Minister of Health who visited St Cross Hospital in December or David Cameron himself could be any more clear about how important the NHS is to our desire to make Britain a better and fairer society.

In his recent Brighton speech Cameron said "I want everyone to know in this country, as they go up to put that cross in the box at the next election, that if I am their Prime Minister, as a politician, as a parent, as a husband, as a person. I love the NHS and I will always stand up and protect it."

Here in Rugby we will benefit from that commitment with an NHS that will be focused on results and the needs of patients, rather than meeting tick box targets. Truly it is time for change.
Mark Pawsey
Conservative Parliamentary candidate for Rugby.

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