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Rugby Green Party have selected well known local community campaigner Roy Sandison as its General Election Candidate for Rugby in the forthcoming General Election.

Roy who is 45 years old, lives in New Bilton in Rugby and has lived in the town for over 30 years and has worked until recently in the mental health sector for over 15 years for a major mental health charity in Rugby.

Roy is proud to stand on his record of standing up for local people be it over the NHS, the environment, poor housing, low pay, youth facilities, crime, road safety, the war or MP's expenses.

Roy says “I am proud to have been selected by my fellow Green Party members in Rugby as the candidate offering a real alternative to the stale and self seeking politics on offer from the three main parties’”

Roy says “A vote for me and the Green Party in Rugby at the forthcoming General Elections sends a clear positive message to these out of touch politicians, who seem to see no problem in using our money in bailing out the bankers, funding duck houses and 2nd homes at the same time as calling for massive cuts in our public services – So we, in Rugby and across the country need to say no to these failed parties - Thank you very much - but would we would rather keep our hospitals and schools – so please close the door when you leave office!”


Roy will be the only Candidate in this election, who if elected will continue to live in his local community and take only the average wage of people in Rugby – which is £25,000 and donate the rest of his MP’s salary to good causes in the town.

Roy says MP’s like to say how much poorly paid they and how they so needed to claim for 2nd homes etc etc. I believe many people in this country are sick and tired of being taken for mugs – If our honourable members of parliament who sit on an income above about 96% of the population - 58 million individuals – can’t survive without fiddling – then its the wrong job for them and perhaps a change in career choice might be a good thing for them to do.”

Think the Green Party is only about the environment? Think again!

Roy will be highlighting the following Green Party policies in his Election Campaign

The Green Party is the only party that has the policies to tackle head-on the economic crisis and at the same time lay the foundations for a sustainable and fair society.

We reject as false the choice between ‘economy' or the ‘environment' - we CAN DO both.

One million jobs - and that's just the start ...

We have policies that sets out a plan for creating 1 million jobs through investment in renewable energy, housing, public transport and social care.

We call this the Green New Deal - an approach to the economy that puts Britain firmly on the road to recovery, addresses the urgent climate crisis while improving the way we all lead our lives.

Here are just some ways the Green New Deal tackles the most pressing problems we face today:

· A new architecture for the financial system so that it serves the ‘real' economy, this includes breaking up the big banks so they are no longer ‘too big to fail' and a massive clampdown on tax avoidance to generate £10 billion in revenue.

· Energy efficiency measures for UK homes, schools and hospitals to create 80,000 jobs, reduce harmful emissions and cut fuel bills.

· Free social care for the elderly to improve quality of life and create 60,000 jobs.

· Massive increase in the proportion of electricity that comes from renewable sources - raising wind energy production to the same level as Denmark by 2020 would alone create 200,000 jobs.

Save Rugby St Cross Hospital and the NHS!

Who still believes in public services? We do!

· "Greens believe it's wrong that hospitals and health centres are treated like businesses, rather than vital public services. We want to see an end to money being wasted on botched PFI and privatisation schemes. We will oppose cuts and closures in the NHS, and protect the jobs of public sector workers.

· We will defend our NHS – bring lost services back into hospitals like St Cross, remove PFI and other private companies from the management of our local hospitals – The question is why will the smaller ‘super’ new hospital in Coventry that cost only £300 million to build will result in tax payers in Rugby paying £3,3 Billion to a private company?

· Oppose hospital car parking charges – A tax on health!

Greens say NO to the closure of the older persons Hawthorn ward at St Cross – “An inhumane treatment of elderly sick people Rugby People” Says Roy Sandison

· News is emerging that NHS bosses are planning to close the Hawthorn Ward which provides inpatient care for older people with functional disorders such as depression and anxiety, or organic disorders such as dementia with patients decanted over to Nuneaton.

· Roy and the Green Party opposes the attempts to close Hawthorn ward at the Rugby St Cross – “Why should Rugby’s elderly sick and infirm people be moved to Nuneaton? These cuts must be fought by our community in Rugby – when Labour and Tories say the NHS is safe in their hands – the reality are these sort of core services and even more are threat from the planned cuts in public spending by all three main parties – We must fight and fight again to defend these services so needed in our community” Say Roy Sandison

A Health survey for Rugby!

· Real concerns exist in our community into the possible health consequences of living next to the CEMEX incinerator – Roy and the Green Party has been at the forefront of a campaign for comprehensive study into possible health impact on local families and their children.

Protecting public services – Our family silver!

· The Green Party campaigns for the protection and improvement of Britain’s public services, from the NHS to your local Post Office. We want them to be publically owned and accountable institutions, which our communities can rely on, and of which they can be proud.

· Roy says “Privatisation was/is promoted as a big gain in terms of efficiency and competition to keep bills down – instead what we have seen is profiteering from a monopoly situation over rail, energy and water including oversees ownership – privatisation has been a big lie to the people of this country resulting in to the benefit of the few. Action is needed to bring rail back into public ownership and controls must put on cost electricity, gas and water in respect of shy high charges at a time of massive profits for these companies.”

Protecting our Pensioners!

· Unlike MP’s, most pensioners and future pensioners are concern about being or slipping into poverty – The Green Party would introduce a Citizens Pension for everyone: raising the state pension for a single person from £95.25per week to £170.00 a week.

End the War

· The war in Iraq and Afghanistan has been an unmitigating disaster for the peoples of these countries, our soldiers and at home – where instead of a time and peace after the Northern Ireland troubles came to an end by talking – we have seen terrorism or the fear of terrorism becoming a fact of life.

· These wars are making the whole area unstable. War isn't just unjust. It is unnecessary and is acting as a breeding ground for reaction and terrorism.

· Tony Blair never had the evidence to go to war. He never had UN approval. He never had this country's approval – the £2 million who marched against the war who asked Blair to think again before going to war were ignored – with even the tame Chilcot enquiry indicating the rashness of his actions.

· The illegal invasion and war in Iraq are an outrage to anyone who values human rights. There is endless misery in Iraq -- the flattening of Fallujah, with bombs weighing thousands of pounds, the extensive use of white phosphorous, the maiming of children who will grow up hating the West because we bombed them. Iraq is littered to this day, with unexploded cluster bombs, an economy in tatters, racism and bigotry on the increase.

· If Iraq was about oil, Afghanistan is about gas. This war for resources. This is a war for profit. The plan is to pump out gas from the vast gas reserves of Central Asia. Are the soldiers fighting and dying so that the gas goes south to India and not east to China?

· Roy Say “All three main parties are willing to put the lives of British soldiers at risk in a war in Afghanistan that cannot be won. We were told the war would end the reign of terror under the Taliban for the people of Afghanistan. We were told it would prevent terrorism at home. And they told us that we would help the women of Afghanistan.”

· Soldiers cannot fight a never ending war. There is no end in sight and they cannot see the point. We are not winning this war. The Taliban have taken control of more areas of Afghanistan than they held in 2003. There is more heroin grown than before.”

· Most of all, we demand a progressive foreign policy. We demand a different Middle East - one where people and our planet are put first.”


· Roy Says “Andy King who is standing for Rugby as the Labour candidate in the General Election really does need to apologies to the people of Rugby for tamely voting and supporting Tony Blair over the war when he was the MP for Rugby.”

· “Andy King’s job was do his up most to ensure that pro and cons of war were properly investigated on behalf local people in Rugby before sending our soldiers to Iraq and Afghanistan – It is clear from the Chilcott enquiry that the basic equipment needed by our soldiers was not in place to under take this dangerous war. Also it was clear at the time that NO WMD’s existed in Iraq and likewise al-Qaida was not operating in or from Iraq”

· “Andy King has a lot to answer for and he should apologies for his actions over the war!”


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