Thursday, 11 March 2010


In Roy Sandison's report to the recent Annual General Meeting Of the Rugby Green party, Party Agent and recently selected candidate for Rugby in the General Election.

Roy said that "Members and supporters of Rugby Green Party should be proud of the level of support we have grained in the town – all the more remarkable given that we are a very new political party in Rugby."

"In the recent County Council elections, we polled very well with our candidates even beating the main parties at times.despite a big effort from them.

Over 3,500 people put their x in the Rugby Green Party candidate box."

County results from 2009

Con – 44.8%
Lib Dem – 20.2%
Lab – 19.3%
Rugby Green Party – 11.4%
BNP – 2.5%
Ind. – 1.7%

Well done everyone

Rugby Borough Elections 2010

Rugby Green Party is also putting up candidates in the forthcoming Borough Council Elections (also on the 6th May 2010) and we are inviting local people to join our team in standing for our fresh ethical party.

Other news from our recent AGM: the following were elected

Co-ordinator: Ellie Roderick
Treasurer: Phil Godden
Agent: Roy Sandison
Membership Paul Sandison

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