Friday, 16 November 2012


Greens come 3rd in New Bilton By-Election - a positive result

Despite a massive effort by all the main parties in the By-Election, and the first time standing of UKIP in the ward tonight and also a targeting of the Green Vote by the TUSC that saw them conduct mass canvassing, stalls and putting out at least 3 leaflets the support on a very low poll for the Roy Sandison and Green Party held up very well.
Full Result
Lab 496
Ind 56
Lib Dem 41

Roy Says "People in New Bilton are very angry about the Police vote and decided to stay at home in protest and also have never seen so much attention by local politicians, promising so much, its just a shame we don't see them do it out side an election campaign. As for TUSC why on the earth did they target the anti cuts Green Party is beyond me! Roy would like to thank all his helpers and local people for thier support.

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Time to take the Energy Companies back into public ownership say Roy Sandison Green Party Candidate for New Bilton

Have they been price fixing?
· Free Insulation to cuts fuel bills  and if needed to bring any PROFITEERING  price fixing energy company back under public ownership . ENOUGH IS ENOUGHWhat Roy said in his Election leaflet.

Saturday, 10 November 2012


Leafleting and campaigning daily - Contact Hotline: 07935 251832
To donate or find out more about the campaign or the Green Party - Contact number above or email

Greens says – Our community and Police Officers have no one to vote for in flawed Police Commissioners Vote! Greens says put "None of the above – No to Police Cuts!’ on your ballot paper!

“A recession + cutting Police Officers + cutting anti Drug Crime services + record crime figures + turning street lights out is a recipe for disaster - but we have no one standing in this election in Warwickshire who is prepared to join the dots up for something that is apparent to all of us who have real concerns about crime”  Says Rugby Green Party

Roy Sandison spokeperson says  “The Green Party opposed the creation of the Police Commissioner position, arguing that there are dangers associated with a single politician being given so much power over the police and that all local public services should be accountable to the people through the local council and elected Councillors"

The Green Party is particularly concerned about protecting community policing teams and the need for the police to engage with local residents and councillors about community safety issues. We are also asking candidates how they would work with other agencies to prevent crime and promote the rehabilitation of offenders.

The undemocratic setting of £5000 (its only £500 to stand to be an MP) to even stand as a candidate in this elections is an absolute disgrace and designed to favour the established gray parties – which is why local people in Warwickshire only have a motley crew of a Tory, an Independent Tory and a New Labour Candidate – all 3 candidates,  who are in favour of cutting Police officers and Police services for the local community – what a choice!

Now the position is being established, the Green Party would have liked to see 'progressive independents' standing in the election on 15th November – but unfortunately the ‘Independent’ Candidate in Warwickshire is also in favour of making cuts to the Police and therefore will not get our support.

Roy Sandison says "Rugby Green Party is suggesting to local people to attempt to make their voice heard in this election by writing on the ballot paper ‘None of the above – No to Police Cuts!’"

This Facebook site suggests another way to make your voice heard -

Friday, 19 October 2012


(Part of the audience at the packed meeting)
(Lorna Dunleavy Speaking - Sorry for poor quality of picture)

80 parents and members of the local community gathered together last monday (15th Oct) in a packed meeting to ask questions and demand answers about the proposed transfer of Newbold Riverside and Oakfield Primary School as an Academy to REAch2, a private company based nearly 100 miles in London - with the school building and land being given to this controversial company on a 125 years lease.

One of the organisers of the meeting, Lorna Dunleavy, a local parent from Newbold talked at the meeting about the lack of meaningful consultation with local parents and the local community by the school authorities and her opposition to the poorly thought out and risky idea of academies. Especially the poor choice of REAch2 who have come in for a great deal of criticism from the Teachers Unions and educational groups for the way they run schools.

Lorna said the Governors of both schools must involve the parents and the local community in planning the future of the schools and be open and transparent in the way they deal with the parents concerns.

Parents at the meeting, really for the first time were able to get a clear perspective on the pro's and cons of the move to become an academy and were also reminded that come November they will lose any right to have a say over day to day issues and the way the schools are run - including local people being removed as Governors.

Alasdair Smith from the Anti Academies Alliance explained the undemocratic nature of the move to academies and that it was part of the CONDEM Government attempt to privatise education in the same way they are attempting in the NHS.

The need for parents to attend the TUC demonstration against the cutis on the 20th October was raised by speakers from the platform and from the floor – Rugby Green Party members also leafleted the meeting with details of the protest.

(Alasdair Smith from the Anti Academies Alliance)
(Tony Souter from the National Union of Teachers)
Tony Souter and Anne Jones from the local NUT explained the threat to teaching standards and the aim to bring in untrained teaching staff in the school and asked parents to join with teachers in saying NO to academies.


Michael Gove the Education Minster was invited to the meeting as it would be him and his Department in London who local parents amazingly would need to contact if their was a problem at the school that could not be resolved by the new company and not Warwickshire County Council Education Department as is the case now. 

Michael Gove is also putting pressure on local Governors to go down this route of privatisation and parents thought it only fair if Gove explains himself in person – but he refused.

Rugby MP, Mark Pawsey (Tory) also did not attend to explain in person, why his Government thinks it such a good idea for primary schools in Rugby to be run by a private company in London.

(Lorna Dunleavy explains the situation to Will Duckworth)
Unlike Gove and Pawsey, Will Duckworth (Deputy Leader of the Green Party and former teacher) attended the meeting  (during a visit to Rugby to meet local members) and met Lorna Dunleavy earlier at her home to discuss the issues and how best he and Green Party can help at a local and national level with the fight to defend the two schools.
Parents made a clear demand at the meeting for the Governors to meet with them as a representative group to discuss their concerns and for the Governors to explain their actions - this was after parents were told they would only be seen individually by the Acting Head Teacher at Newbold Riverside.


It has been decided that the meeting with parents and governors will take place as originally planned at 7pm. Monday 22nd Oct at Newbold Riverside Primary. I urge all parents that are concerned to attend this meeting so that they can ask any questions regarding academy conversion. If you are unable to make the meeting then please contact Julie, Zoe or me with any points you would like us to raise. We have reached a crutial stage in our campaign. This is the biggest change in state education since the 1940's. We have a duty our children and to future generations of children to do everything in our power to resist the change. Keep the pressure on!

Friday, 12 October 2012


Newbold Riverside & Oakfield Primary School Parents Against Academies invite ALL
 to our Public Meeting, Monday 15th October, Oakfield Club, 32 Bilton Road at 7.30pm.
Micheal Gove MP - Minster for Education invited!
As well as NUT, Anti Academies Alliance and  Warwickshire County Council representative

Rugby Green Party members have actively been supporting parents at Newbold Riverside Primary School school in their fight against the plans for a private company based in London called REAch2 to come in and take over their village school on a 125 year lease.

Parents (led by ex Green Candidate Lorna Dunleavy) have been kept in the dark about the plans for their school to become an 'Academy' and even worse a link with the  controversial REAch2 London based private company.

REAch2 have come under fire from educationalists, teachers unions and according to the Anti Academies Alliance have plans to remove local community Governors from schools, paying massive salaries to head teachers to do their bidding at the same time as using poorly paid and untrained teaching staff and removing monitoring from many aspects of basic standards we expect in the education provision in our schools including financial accountability.

One of the biggest concerns for local parents and the local community is that the lease of the school, the building and large amount of land at Newbold Riverside would go to REAch2 for 125 years and that only the Secretary of State for Education - currently the awful Micheal Gove could remove this company,  but only with 7 years notice we understand.

While New Labour thought up the idea of Academy Schools (Which unfortunately is no surprise) the CONDEM Government and Micheal Gove has grasp the nettle fully and seen a chance to promote the ideology of privatisation - where by the interests of big business out strips the needs of students, parents, teachers and the local community.

REAch2 have also cast their sights on the newly rebuild school called Oakfield Primary in Rugby and parents at Newbold  Riverside have been trying to ensure that parents and teachers at Oakfield  are fully aware of the proposals and not just the partial information that has been provided so far.

Rugby Green Party applauds  local parents for not taking the threat to their school lightly and demanding answers to their concerns.

We support the call by parents to both Governing Boards to step away from the abyss and reject the ill informed  choice of giving the schools to REAch2 in November and instead postponed any decisions to  allow proper detailed discussions with parents that fully investigate the risks of taking this move and also the need to become an academy.

by Roy Sandison (Old boy Newbold (Riverside) Middle school) 

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Join the free coach from Rugby to the massive TUC demo in London on 20th Oct

Come to London and make your voice heard. The local Unite trade union have put on a free coach to London at 7.30am from outside the Town Hall on Sat 20th Oct, to ensure as many local people as possible can protest against the cuts. Please contact and they will pass your details onto the organisers of the coach.

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Rugby Greens fear Rugby Could become a ‘Tesco Town’

 Rugby Green Party has raised its concerns that Rugby may become a ‘Tesco Town’ if local planners and Councillors continue to allow massive multinationals supermarkets to move into the ‘local shop’ market in the town, this after 3 ‘local’ Tesco’s have ben allowed to be opened in the town in the last few years despite opposition from local communities they are sited in.
Peter Reynolds Chair of Rugby Green Party and also
Brownsover resident earlier this month protesting outside the
new TESCO in Brownsover.
From a nation of shopkeepers to Clone Town Britain?
The UK's biggest supermarkets are grappling for ever greater market share. Small independent stores and suppliers, and ultimately consumers, are paying a direct price in the face of unfair competition.
 ‘For the past three years small independent shops have been closing at a rate of 5,000 per year in the UK. This has risen alarmingly in 2009, when 25,000 small shops - 10per cent of the total - closed in the first nine months of the year. There are estimated to be another 50,000 shops teetering on the brink’ (Federation of Small Businesses 2012 survey).
TESCO Towns coming to Rugby 
 Yes if Brownover and Bilton is anything to go by!
Peter Reynolds (Rugby Green Party Chair and Brownsover Resident says “We have seen 3  ‘local’ Tesco’s open recently in Rugby – in Bilton, Brownsover and the station area that will/are impacting on local shops”
 “In Brownsover – my area, local residents have the worse case scenario where by the local public house (which could have been transformed into a valuable community resource) now has a Tesco in its place and local community  facilities and shops are under threat of closure.”
Peter continues “I am especially angry because Tesco was allowed to come to Brownsover with very little consultation with local residents, but with the whole hearted supported of Councillors who actually it appears went as far as lifting a covenant on the Merry Monk site to enable TESCO to come to Brownsover.”
Peter says ‘Greens recognise the important of independent shops and the important  role of well managed community resources such as community centres and pubs,  as they can act as the glue to pull together the community – instead we are now likely to see sterile and empty building in our local communities if the ‘Tesco town’ is not checked”
 For Information
Tesco Town is slang for an area where one retailer has large market share.
The term Tesco Town comes from the name of the retailer Tesco, but is used to describe any area dominated by one particular retailer.
Bicester is one of the UK's best known Tesco-towns, operating six stores in a region with a population of 29,000. Featuring a Tesco Extra on the southern side of town, near the Bicester Village designer outlet, a Metro Tesco Metro in the town centre and a further four Tesco Express stores around the general neighbourhood and community areas.
In 2007, it was reported that in Inverness, where there are currently four stores in the small city, Tesco had a 51% share of the market for groceries in the city, the highest rate of penetration for any locality in the UK.
Worthing, West Sussex has been described as a Tesco Town with 9 stores and the 10th on its way this February. These include one the largest Tesco Extra Stores in the UK, 8 Express Stores and 1 Esso with Express.
Worcester is also classed as a Tesco Town as they have 6 stores around the area including 2 Superstores, 3 Express and 1 Esso Express stores.
Reading, Berkshire has been described as a Tesco Town by its residents, with 2 Superstores and 8 Express stores with more planned.
Bedford has also been described as a Tesco town with the town having a Tesco for every 7,500 people

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

‘Greens applaud today’s protest of railway workers and passengers to demand action in opposition to massive fare increases and in favour of the renationalisation of railways’

Press Release - Rugby Green Party - 14th August 2012
Roy Sandison - Rugby Green Party Spokesperson says’
“It has long been the Green Party policy for many years to demand that the railways are brought back into public ownership to end the ‘planned’ anarchy of unaccountable private rail companies working closely together to maximise their profits with a captive audience of passengers who have few other real choices in respect of travel.”

“As the railway workers Trade Unions correctly point out the CONDEMS Government sees no real problem with the private rail companies creaming off a public subsidy 3 times that which existed with British Railways and pass on ever increasing fare rises onto passengers, who are paying some of the highest costs of travel in Europe”

“The Green Party believes that the rail system, including track and operators, needs to be publicly owned, and would seek to bring the service back into public ownership.”

“All rail franchises that exist from rail privatisation should be cancelled, with compensation given only for any money that the franchisee has actually invested in the railway in excess of any profits the franchisee has taken from the railway.”

In conclusion, Roy Sandison says “The railways are one of the treasures of our country and could with correct planning involving local communities, railway workers and passengers help bring the UK into the 21st century in respect of promoting the new and sustainable green economy that we so need in this country, but this will not be done under the way this dogmatic government runs things in our country at present.”

“Their privatisation model in respect of the railways has failed and we need change”

Monday, 30 July 2012


Every day we are reminded of just what an unequal society we live in – whether it is bankers bonuses or unpaid work experience. The pay divide in Britain between the highest and lowest earners has grown more sharply than in any other high-income country since 1975.
Please do your bit today to take action on this issue in your local area. There is a campaign to reduce the gap between the lowest and highest paid at Warwickshire County Council. 
The highest paid officer at Warwickshire County Council (the Chief Executive) earns just short of £172,866 per year, before benefits such as pension.
■The lowest salary band at the County Council is £12,145.
■The ratio of the highest to the lowest salary is 14 to 1, which the Green Party views to be an unfairly large gap.
In Brighton, Greens have already reduced the pay of the Chief Executive by 5% and increased the lowest paid workers' salaries to the living wage of £7.20 per hour. Join in the campaign for similar action in Warwickshire. You can make a difference!

We only have until the end of August to get as many signatures as we can. So please sign up to the e-petition today and send this email round to all your friends to sign up as well. We need as many signatures as possible so the Council will take this issue seriously. 
It only takes about 30 seconds to do it! 
You can sign the petition and read more about why it is so important here - 
Why Should You Sign up to the E-Petition and Get Your Friends to Sign Up Too? 
In the difficult economic times we face, we need to do all we can to ensure fairness is at the heart of all that we do. 
The gap between the richest and the poorest is a problem throughout our country. But we have started campaigning where we think we can make a real difference - at Warwickshire County Council. The Council need a fair pay policy: 

Friday, 25 May 2012

Rugby Green Party banner calls for the 99% to unite against the 1%.

With multi-national monopoly capitalism forcing their gambling debts onto the backs of ordinary people in the UK and across the globe - Our Rugby Green Party banner calls for the 99% to unite against the 1%.

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Support the Public Sector Pension Strike – 10th May 2012

(c) Geoff Dexter Sherbourne Publications
30th Nov Strike Demo
PCS, UCU and Unite will be on strike on Thursday 10th May, in protest at the government’s ongoing attempt to slash public sector pensions in order to pay for the bank bailouts.
In Birmingham, there will be lefletting on Hospital Way, at the QE Hospital from 12noon, followed by a joint strike rally from 1pm.
The rally will be held in Lecture Theatre Room 101, Haworth Building, University of Birmingham (see the flyer for a map).
Coaches are running from around the midlands, and are free. Solidarity delegates from student & community groups are welcomed, but priority will be given to PCS, UCU and Unite members.
Birmingham – Town Hall, Victoria Square. Midlands TUC 0121 643 4342
Worcester – Elgar statue by Guild Hall. Steve 07545 838 690
Dudley, Merry Hill, Stourbridge, Halesowen. Dudley TUC 07795 410 261
Telford, Wolverhampton. Debbie 07881 823 211
Coventry – Tile Hill, Spon End, City Centre. Ian 0773 664 6554
Fair pensions for all – don’t make teachers, nurses and public sector workers pay for the bankers’ crisis
From Rugby Against The Cuts

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Greens on the march in Rugby after excellent votes!

Rugby Green Party achieved some excellent results at the recent Rugby Borough Council Election. With such positive votes in the town, where do you start?
Well, Phil Godden (306 votes) gained more votes than one of the Tory candidates in the Eastlands Ward and was only 11 and 35 votes from beating the other two Tories in the ward and being chief challenger to the Lib Dems.
Steve Wright in Benn Ward (252 Votes) also nearly became runner up, this time to Labour – with just a whisker of 7 votes away from beating all three Tories in the ward and easily beating the three Lib Dems candidates in this formerly strong ward for them.
David Wolfskehl (280 votes) came within 20 votes of beating one of Cameron's Tories in Paddox Ward.
Kate Crowley beat all Three Lib Dems in Admirals and Cawston and so helping the Greens to become the 3rd party in this ward.
Adam Bastock polled an impressive 20% vote share in the Coton and Boughton ward, Roy Sandison 16% in New Bilton also did well as did Ellie Roderick (15%) in Wolston and The Lawfords ward.
With the Lib Dems forced to retreat (due their unpopularity) to their supposedly stronger wards in the town, the Greens would have surely beaten this party of Government in other wards in Rugby!
Despite a fairly negative campaign (with exceptions) fought against the anti cuts Greens by the small TUSC group they failed to gain anywhere near the support that the Green Party enjoyed when they stood against us and always finished at the bottom of the poll – except in one case where they beat the Lib Dems in Benn ward but still a long distance behind us.
All the Green Candidates received at least 10% with the average being 14% across the Borough with 2634 votes cast for the Green Party in Rugby. In other countries with a fairer electoral system Rugby would now have at least 4 Green Party Councillors.
Finally, our candidates were inspired by the support we received at the ballot box and will be doubling our efforts to gain a Green Councillor in Rugby, just like our colleagues further north in Nuneaton have achieved with the election of the first Green Party Councillor in Keith Kondakor in Warwickshire.
Conservative Party - 709 - ELECTED
Conservative Party - 691 - ELECTED
Conservative Party 685 - ELECTED
Labour Party - 641
Labour Party - 617
Labour Party - 571
KATE CROWLEY - Green Party – 179 (11%)
Liberal Democrats - 102
Liberal Democrats - 100
Liberal Democrats - 91
Turnout - 30.16 per cent
Labour Party - 824 – ELECTED
Labour Party - 820 - ELECTED
Labour Party - 819 - ELECTED
Conservative Party - 258
Conservative Party - 256
Conservative Party - 255
Steve WRIGHT - Green Party – 252 (14.9%)
Liberal Democrats - 180
TUSC - 177
Liberal Democrats - 175
Turnout - 26.53 per cent
Conservative Party - 647 - ELECTED
Conservative Party - 535 - ELECTED
Conservative Party - 512 - ELECTED
Labour Party - 484
ADAM BASTOCK - Green Party – 287 (20.2%)
Turnout - 23.62 per cent
Liberal Democrats - 810 - ELECTED
Liberal Democrats - 722 - ELECTED
Liberal Democrats - 567 - ELECTED
Labour Party - 497
Conservative Party - 340
Conservative Party - 326
Phil GODDEN - Green Party – 306 (14%)
Conservative Party - 300
TUSC - 223
Turnout - 27.92 per cent
Labour Party - 709 - ELECTED
Labour Party - 683 – ELECTED
Labour Party - 630 - ELECTED
Conservative Party - 406
 Conservative Party - 390
Conservative Party – 334
ROY SANDISON - Green Party – 241 (16% * Calc based on top GP vote – see below)
PETER REYNOLDS - Green Party - 195
TUSC - 141
Turnout - 25.52 per cent
Labour Party - 649 - ELECTED
Labour Party - 628 - ELECTED
Labour Party - 576 - ELECTED
Conservative Party - 467
Conservative Party – 465
Conservative Party - 415
LORNA DUNLEAVY - Green Party – 173 (12.6% * Calc based on top GP vote – see below)
JAMES BRYANS - Green Party – 155
TUSC - 145
Turnout - 25.53 per cent
Liberal Democrats - 1231 – ELECTED
Liberal Democrats - 1164 - ELECTED
Liberal Democrats - 1077 - ELECTED
Labour Party - 480
Conservative Party - 396
Conservative Party - 340
Conservative Party - 299
DAVID WOLFSKEHL - Green Party – 280 (11.7%)
Turnout - 37.69 per cent
Labour Party - 615 – ELECTED
Conservative Party - 613 - ELECTED
Conservative Party - 612 - ELECTED
Labour Party – 564
Conservative Party – 557
Liberal Democrats - 504
Labour Party - 496
Liberal Democrats - 491
Liberal Democrats - 372
Laurence GOODCHILD - Green Party – 205 (10%)
Turnout - 37.49 per cent
Conservative Party - 939 – ELECTED
Conservative Party - 894 – ELECTED
Conservative Party - 833 - ELECTED
Labour Party – 489
ELLIE RODERICK - Green Party – 361 (15%)
Pat Wyatt Independent - 324
TUSC - 289
 Turnout - 33.76 per cent
*For those who are interested, the standard calculation method for multiple vacancy contests is to use the highest vote of a candidate of each Party (rather than the average). This is the method used by the noted election academics Profs Thrasher and Rallings.