Saturday, 6 April 2013


Rugby Green Party supports the campaign to SAVE 92 - Rugby only Music Studio and a major creative space in the town.

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The Save 92 Campaign has been set up to stop the closure of Rugby's only music studio.
There has been an announcement that this year Rugby Gymnastics Club plans to relocate, meaning the demolition and redevelopment of the site at 92 Lower Hillmorton Road. The asset is currently in use as a venue for music/art/film nights, recording, and rehearsal space for local bands and artists.
Everyone associated with the studio are unanimous in their decision that the building should be saved: they regard the building to be an important asset to the community and a part of many people's lives which they wish to keep. It is the only asset of this kind in the Rugby area where musicians can record demos, singles and albums at an affordable price. The studio encourages creative talents in Rugby and is actively used by a diverse demographic.
We would very much like to save the asset and regenerate the building so that it can be used and enjoyed for future generations. Please help us and support the campaign!

Roy Sandison, Rugby Green Party Co-ordinator and former Youth Promotions Management Committee member gives some background and explains why he supports the campaign.

"The much valued and also improved facility brings much value to the town, since it was started at Youth Promotions  (a youth and unemployed centre that came out of demands from a campaign led  by mainly West Indian Youth but also supported by most young people in the town in 1980) after an occupation of a building in Castle Street in the middle of the town.

Producing Music and the ability to have a facility to produce music was much a key part of the centre from the off set and after funding was gained for a music recording studio (which i helped with a bit)  to be set up,  this allowed local musicians to record music professionally in Rugby - building on the excellent abilities of local people that existed and now were able to move forward as a career option and build Rugby's reputation as a vibrant place for creativity and music.

I remember the hard work to get the original studio off the ground in the first place and secure funding and i think it will be a real shame if local Councilors turn theirs backs on something they should be supporting!

Its great to see that the current people running the facility have continued to provide such an important resource for the local community, the people who occupied Castle Street back in the 80's  (who made people listen and take action)  will be pleased to see that local people are still fighting to provide a base for music and creativity in the town."

In solidarity - Roy Sandison

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